St Peter Chanel Catholic School

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Whole Education. Whole Person

Learning Culture 

Where everyone knows they are believed in, respected and embraced for who they are as a learner, and a son/daughter of God.

SPC Values

  • Love of God, self and others

  • Respect & tolerance

  • Perseverance

  • Positivity

  • Being Responsible

  • Honesty & Integrity

  • Teamwork & Community

Learning to Learn

At Saint Peter Chanel Catholic School we focus on teaching students how to become great learners. We use an inquiry approach to learning that teaches students how to learn in a variety of ways. Students learn new information and skills by; tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, acting and reflecting. Students are taught specific skills within each of these stages that will help them become lifelong learners. Students are also taught the skills and attitudes required to support them in living and learning today and in the future, we call these key competencies.

SPC Inquiry Cycle

                                                                                                           Kath Murdoch 

Key Competencies