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Below are links to resources from the Ministry of Education about how you can support your child at home in reading, writing and maths.

Early Years (prior to school)

Year One

Year Two

Other ideas to support your child in their learning can be found below. Remember to keep it interesting and fun!


  • Supermarket shopping (prices, discounts, receipts, weighing items)
  • Cooking/baking (measuring and weighing, introducing fractions)
  • Letterboxes (counting in 2s)
  • Most card games (Go Fish, Snap and Memory can be easily adapted to work on numbers to 10 e.g. instead of collecting pairs, collect numbers that add to 10).
  • Telling the time on an analogue clock
  • Practice instant recall of basic facts (addition and subtraction) to 20
  • Sing counting songs such as "One, two buckle my shoe"
  • Play Hopscotch


  • Make writing fun and purposeful. 
  • Before you do any writing with your child it is important to talk with them about what they might write about - special words and ideas they could use, how they might start it etc. 
  • Write shopping lists, signs, birthday cards or invites together. 
  • Have pens, pencils, felts, and crayons available at home to encourage writing. 
  • Put magnetic letters on the fridge and ask them to make words with the letters. 
  • Write an email or letter to send to a relative together. 
  • Write using chalk on the concrete outside or form letters using play dough.