St Peter Chanel Catholic School

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At St Peter Chanel Catholic School children will develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to better understand, participate in, and contribute to their local, national and global communities they live in.  

They will engage in current and historical issues in society (environmental, political, economic and social), evaluating their impact and change over time.

The social science curriculum is divided into four strands as seen below:

Identity, culture and organisation

Students will learn about society & communities and how they function.

Place and Environment  

Students will learn and understand how people and the environment interact.

Continuity and change 

Students will learn and understand the past and present, and imagine the possible future.

Economic World 

Students will learn and understand their role in the economy and how economic decisions affect individuals and communities.

Goals for all children:

Through the inquiry process they will:

    • Understand their place in the world

    • Appreciate other societies in time and place

    • Participate in social action

    • Value our multicultural identity