St Peter Chanel Catholic School

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The New Zealand Curriculum specifies eight learning areas and each area forms

part of a broad, general education, and provides a framework for learning. 

  • English

  • Mathematics and Statistics

  • Science

  • Social Sciences

  • The Arts

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Technology

  • Learning Languages

Due to the nature of our special character, the other learning area that is an integral part of the curriculum at Saint Peter Chanel is Religious Education.

At St Peter Chanel Catholic School Mathematics and English are seen as foundation curriculum areas that are prioritised within learning in authentic contexts.

The school designs its curriculum to incorporate a range of curriculum areas related to authentic and relevant contexts for our learners. Each term an inquiry unit is designed which focuses on key concepts from either social science, science or technology and provides opportunities to integrate other learning areas within it. We look to our special character of the Catholic faith, our local community, upcoming events and students’ needs in deciding what makes a relevant learning context.

Health & Physical Education,  the Arts and Learning Languages are generally taught as standalone subjects, but may be integrated. The focus in these areas is on the development of fundamental skills.