St Peter Chanel Catholic School

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At St Peter Chanel Catholic School children will develop a process to investigate, and build their understanding about their world and beyond. The science curriculum is divided into five strands as seen below, one overarching strand: Nature of Science and four conceptual strands: Living world, Planet Earth & beyond, Physical world, and Material world.

  • Nature of science – Students learn what science is and how scientists work. They develop the skills, attitudes, and values to build a foundation for understanding the world.

      • Living world – is about living things and how they interact with each other and the environment.

      • Planet Earth and beyond – is about the interconnecting systems and processes of the Earth, the other parts of the solar system, and the universe beyond.

      • Physical world – is about a wide range of physical phenomena, including light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, waves, forces, and motion, united by the concept of energy.

      • Material world – is about matter, its composition, the changes it undergoes and the energy involved.

Goals for all children:

  • Foster curiosity about their world

  • Build knowledge about their world

  • Understand and use a scientific process – pose questions, observe, investigate, experiment, interpret, explain

  • Use their science learning and understanding to take action in their communities