St Peter Chanel Catholic School

(07) 849 3734 5 Vardon Rd, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200


At St Peter Chanel Catholic School children will be able to develop the ability to think creatively, critically, strategically, and logically. They will learn to structure and to organise, to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately, to process and communicate information, and to enjoy intellectual challenge.

  • Number and algebra – Number involves calculating and estimating, using appropriate mental, written, or machine calculation methods in flexible ways. Algebra involves finding and representing patterns and relationships found in numbers, shapes, and measures.

  • Geometry and measurement – Geometry involves recognising and using the properties and symmetries of shapes and describing position and movement. Measurement involves quantifying the attributes of objects, using appropriate units and instruments.

  • Statistics –  involves identifying problems that can be explored by the use of appropriate data, designing investigations, collecting data, exploring and using patterns and relationships in data, solving problems, and communicating findings. It also includes investigating uncertainties and variation.

What are our goals for all children?

  • Use their number knowledge in authentic contexts using a variety of strategies

  • Collect, process and interpret data

  • Develop skills and understanding in geometry and measurement

  • Communicate understandings confidently

  • Experience success and enjoyment

  • Develop mathematical language

  • Apply their mathematics knowledge and understandings to their everyday lives