St Peter Chanel Catholic School

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St Peter Chanel has a long tradition of producing talented and enthusiastic cricketers.

We are very lucky to have supportive parents who coach, manage and support our teams.  It is through continued parental support and dedication that our students are able to participate in the sport of cricket.

We enter age appropriate teams into different divisions within the competitions held by Northern Districts Cricket. Teams play games both at home and away venues, so locations change each week. All practice days and times depend on coaches availability.

For Y0-3 Northern Districts Cricket offers Super Smash skills development sessions. These are 60 min sessions for 5-9 years old. Details for these will be provided in the weekly school's Newsletter.

For Y3-4, a 16 over game played with a soft cricket ball. These 8 a side teams tend to be of 
mixed ability and allow for siblings to play together.  A competition for Y5&6 is also available on Friday nights, aimed at introductory level.

All Friday games begin at 5.30pm. Our home ground is Vardon Park, directly over the road. These teams tend to be of mixed ability and allow for siblings to play together.  All practices are held at SPC, and all playing gear is supplied.

Friday night players are required to wear their black PE shorts, trainers and a hat. A uniform playing shirt will be supplied.

Saturday Cricket:

For Y5 and Y6s, a 24 over game played with a hard cricket ball in an 8 a side game.

 All Saturday games begin at 9.00am.

As Vardon Park does not have a suitable hard pitch for game play, all games are at away locations. Practices are usually at SPC or Vardon Park, but may also be held at alternate venues with cricket net facilities. Practice locations and times are at coaches discretion.

All protective cricket (pads, gloves, helmets, bats etc) is supplied, however players are of course welcome to use their own. Protective gear must be worn for safety reasons.

Saturday night players are required to wear their white cricket pants, trainers and a hat. A white uniform playing shirt will be supplied.


Y7/8 Saints United 1st XI, 2nd XI

Senior cricketers enrolled at St Peter Chanel are invited to trial for the Saints United 1st and 2nd XI teams. Other senior teams will be made also if possible.  Saints United cricket teams are currently based at Marian School in Hamilton East. Cost per team may vary.

For draws, rules and other cricket information visit the Hamilton Cricket website by clicking on the link below.

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