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every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

At St Peter Chanel, all team sports under the SPC banner are coordinated via the SPC Sports Club, and all teams are coached and managed by volunteering parents and supporters. 

The success of the wide range of sporting opportunities we offer relies on the Sports Committee and dedicated community support. If you would like to be involved in ensuring that sports opportunities continue, we'd like to warmly invite you to joiun the SPC Sports Club.
Please email for more information.

Have you got a question about SPC Sport?  If so, please contact the Sports Co-ordinator Jana Hall at

                      REGISTRATION FEES - Friendly reminder

By completing SPORTS Registration Form on our SPC website you are enrolling your child in an extra-curricular activity, and you are liable for subscription/ registration costs. In case you need to withdraw your child from the team unless there is valid reason (change of mind is not one), you will be charged the full registration fees.