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Summer Hockey is fun and causal way to keep fitness up. 

Available in Term 4 and 1.

Teams are made up mixed ability and gender. 

Parents - coaches need just to be interested in hockey not experts! 

Waikato Hockey provides a number of Summer League formats to suit most people.

Season will run from Sunday 13th October - Sunday 8th December (except Thursday Adult 6 aside, Starts 26th September)

All grades are deemed social and are self umpired.

 Formats available:

Monday: Kids 6 aside, mixed teams, 1/4 Field, 13min Halves (three grades Year 3-4, Year 5-6 & Year 7-8) $120

Tuesday: Open 11 aside full field, 25min halves (for the more experienced player, normal hockey rules) $700, 12 team limit.

Tuesday: Open 6 aside half field, 25min halves (for experienced player, inc year 9-13 modified hockey rules) $400, 12 team limit.

Wednesday: Family 6 aside 1/2 field, 13min halves (low key grade for all the family, restricted rules aimed at fun rather than competition) $240, 32 team limit.

Thursday: Adult 6 aside, mixed teams, 1/2 Field, 25min halves (Business house teams, limited experience) $550, 24 team limit.

Sunday: Open 11 aside full field, 25min halves (for the more experienced player, normal hockey rules) $700, 12 team limit.

Individual: Register as an individual and we will try to find you a team - NO Guarantees.

$25 per player

Each Team Needs:  

Each team consists of a minimum of 6 players plus substitutes.

A parent coach/manager is required for each team.

An umpire is also required – the umpire cannot be the team coach/manager.



Black PE shorts, long black socks, laced trainers. We will provide players with SPC sports shirts.

Shin Pads are recommended and Mouth-guards are COMPULSORY (they are not supplied).

Hockey Stick (players are encouraged to have their own stick (there are a small number of school hockey sticks)).

We would gladly receive any old sticks and shin pads your child has grown out of it.